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Entry #1

Annoying Games

2008-08-12 19:20:42 by AnnoyngDevil

Since British are so fucking boring i decided i start annoying game characters

If you have any character you want me to annoy just let me know
Tell me the method too (Must be very annoying)


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2008-08-14 17:59:21

epic fail


2008-08-14 19:51:22

And your not anoying.
This is anoying, "omfg wtf lol hax u blamd ma flash u stewpd nub lolololololololololololololololololol ololololo!!!!!11111!!!!11!1"
Like I said your not annoying, your just retarded.


2008-08-16 23:06:58

lol thats wut i said on his last news post. hes relly not annoying at all. cant believe u can fail so bad at being annoying.


2008-08-16 23:08:53

oh i just realized that he never put on another news update. he just edited this one and deleted all the comments...... Here is my exact comment that wus deleted: You relly arent annoying. I dont get annoyed that easily. Youre just retarded


2008-08-17 01:59:08

lol, Ive seen alot of noobs in my day but he takes up alot of them.
You should see some of the users on Smackjeeves if you rely want to see retardadion at it's best.


2008-08-24 10:23:28

Why are british people so annoying? The annoying devils english ballbag


2008-08-25 11:53:49

If only I could blam users...


2008-08-31 11:35:29

If only i could ban stupid spaming 13 year olds with no concept of reality or how much we all hate them...


2008-10-15 01:51:04

i think he has left ng by now huh? must b verry creepy guy in real world


2008-10-21 20:43:54

i bet he went back to his home country and they hung him.